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VR Treadmill Simulator for Shooting Games

Unlimited space VR equipment. With our free locomotion technology, the developers no longer need to make any compromises to map design or gameplay for VR.

KATVR is a custom-made platform for offline operation and management of the KAT WALK. It is a one stop solution for everything you require with the KAT WALK, using a touch screen and a simple to use user interface, you will be WALKING into VR in no time.

KAT WALK collects data from three different sources: hand controller, VR headset and body, then uses real time processing to provide a near real-time responses to any input from the user and reduce motion sickness that many people experience when using other VR solutions.

The exclusive combination of sensors with a clever algorithm make possible an almost zero motion tracking delay and a realistic walking affect without causing any dizziness and providing a deep immersion into the virtual experience.


Support for local and remote Multiplayer, as well as spector viewing features, making it easy to organize competitions and tournaments 

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