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Omni Directional VR Treadmill

Unique and open design of the KAT WALK keeps you as far as possible from anything might get in the way of your VR adventures, no need to worry about hitting your wall or desk, getting all tangled up in wires or even falling on the floor. All this while still enabling maximum flexibility and a free range of motion.

The upgraded KAT WALK, launched by KAT VR in 2017, can be purchased as a part of the KAT WALK package. It contrains a full set professional VR equipment as well as a group of high-quality games designed especially for the KAT VR technology and it has the support of our own game distribution service. Our KAT VR software platform runs on an easy-to-use Windows environment installed in our touch-screen KAT STATION Computer.

- The KAT WALK is the world’s first unrestrained infinite space VR system

- It allows total freedom of movement in the virtual world while keeping you grounded

and safe in the real one

- It is adjustable to different body types

- It has multiplayer support

- It tracks three independent motion signals (head, body and feet/legs)

- It tracks the motion signals with virtually no delay

Product Name

KAT WALK VR Omni-directional Treadmill






2.06 square meter

Age Limit

9~55 years old

Height Limit


Weight Limit


Data Interface


Polling Rate


KAT VR is working closely with many domestic and international VR content creators to develop the best, most immersive VR content fr you.

Rich selection of game content for all age group with categories such as shooting (PVP/PVE/multi-player), adventure, cartoon shooters, room escape and others.

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