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Kat Walk VR Equipment for VR Home Decoration

Deep immersion experience. A combination of sensors, in addition to our exclusive low-delay algorithm make low delay experience, reducing the amount of motion sickness caused by common VR solutions.

VR Home Decoration


- The KAT WALK is the world’s first unrestrained infinite space VR system

- It allows total freedom of movement in the virtual world while keeping you grounded

and safe in the real one

- It is adjustable to different body types

- It has multiplayer support

- It tracks three independent motion signals (head, body and feet/legs)

- It tracks the motion signals with virtually no delay

-Its modular design is elegant and simple

Product Name

KAT WALK VR Omni-directional Treadmill






2.06 square meter

Age Limit

9~55 years old

Height Limit


Weight Limit


Data Interface


Polling Rate


For KAT WALK, now we only need three steps: put on the shoe cover, tie the waist belt, put on the VR headset, and you can enter a more immersive virtual world.

● Use high-quality ergonomic materials, integrating the waist wear and leg wear simplifying the wearing process.

● Unique three axis motion capture algorithm allows for a wide range of actions to be captured and mapped into the VR world.

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