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9D VR Treadmill Kat Walker for VR Gaming

Optimized design for the lowest physical constraint, integrated waist belt for higher security

Product Description

● Use high-quality ergonomic materials, integrating the waist wear and leg wear simplifying the wearing process

● Unique three axis motion capture algorithm allows for a wide range of actions to be captured and mapped into the VR world

KAT WALK breaks the barrier between the real and virtual worlds, only two square meters of physical space are all you need to enjoy the ultimate experience. It can seamlessly map walking, running, jumping, sitting, squatting and other various actions into the VR world. Our patented combined sensor technology and low-delay algorithm lead to the KAT WALK's three axis mechanism allowing you to enjoy the ultimate immersive VR experience.

Quality custom games with up-to-date support

In addition to our own in-house development team, KATVR has also established partnerships with different VR content companies to develop

VR content compatible with the KAT WALK. These entertaining and immersive games and experiences vary in length and genre, including FPS

(PVP/PVE/Multiplayer), adventure,escape rooms, virtual-education and virtual-fitness.

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