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Kat Walk Premium for Virtural Tourism

We provide complete service suits to government agencies, military, real estate, tourism and other industrial fields, from planning, development, set-up and implementation to provide them the most realistic simulation.

What can we do?

● High quality VR game customization

● Variety of industrial and commercial applications

● 360°Digital Advertisement

While guaranteeing your safety with the use of a waist belt, users can naturally and intuitively walk, run, jump, and crouch in the KAT WALK Premium. These movements are then accurately tracked and mapped onto the virtual environment, eliminating motion sickness and allowing users to enjoy the true immersive experience of Virtual Reality.

Unlimited space VR equipment. With our free locomotion technology, the developers no longer need to make any compromises to map design or gameplay for VR.

Deep immersion experience. A combination of sensors, in addition to our exclusive low-delay algorithm make low delay experience, reducing the amount of motion sickness caused by common VR solutions.

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