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Why VR Is Suitable For The Education Industry
Aug 28, 2017

With the development of time, VR has spanned multiple fields of VR education, VR travel, VR real estate, VR Internet cafes, VR, etc., VR is no longer the narrow field we think in development, VR education has been implemented in China, for example: Guangdong Industry and Trade Vocational and technical College, engineering surveying technology specialty is the Trump of Guangdong industry and Trade Vocational college, the school closely follow the development of the VR market situation, students have used unmanned aerial vehicle, measuring robot, etc., with the implementation of VR in education field, Gradually VR will span all areas of rapid development, will change the industry's basic equipment!

A few years ago, the school has begun to build virtual simulation teaching training center, students with VR glasses can be "immersive" as the experience of the training. Surveying the real estate, dissecting the engine, the students were handy and thought they could do it. Because the teaching classroom of 3D virtual simulation form can imitate the real teaching environment, the imitation reality training system has created the high quality teaching environment for the students, so that some of the practical training courses with safety should also be presented, in order to enhance the students ' personal ability, and to ensure the mastery of students ' professional skills, which is of great significance to the reform of students ' learning and teachers ' teaching.