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Mini 5D Theaters Can Be Opened For The Occasion
Aug 28, 2017

Now children have a wide range of sights, and the general amusement facilities have not aroused their interest. Compared with other children's amusement facilities, virtual dynamic cinema has many advantages in picture and feeling. The Mini 5D Cinema is a small, virtual dynamic theater dedicated to children's amusement.

First is it is the film, is by the computer CG out 3D picture, the scene can break through the reality, play unlimited creativity. The content of the film is volcanic, seabed, tomb, rain forest, birds, dinosaurs, space, Interstellar, this will be the mysterious adventures of the journey.

Children will be exposed to these things in happiness, can enlighten children love life, Love nature, Love science. They satisfy children's thirst for knowledge, cultivate children's right interests and cultivate a child's perfect personality.