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Mini 5D Cinema That Allows Visitors To Stay In Theme Parks
Aug 28, 2017

The World Tourism Organization's research provides a saying that when GDP per capita reaches $5000, a country or region will have a mature holiday tourism economy. In 2013, China has a per capita GDP of more than 6000 U.S. dollars, so the theme park in China is very market, so all over the country are scrambling to build amusement parks, this year and next year opened the theme park will reach 50.

This also caused the Chinese theme park too much, too miscellaneous, the World Tourism Organization has also published a set of data, there are currently more than 2,500 theme parks or amusement parks in China, but 70% in the loss, 20% can be flat, and only 10% profit. There are a lot of "journey to the West", "Three cities", "Water Margin city" are increasingly depressed, many historical theme parks are not very attractive to tourists.

The Chinese people have recreational needs, but many playgrounds are losing money, what is the reason? A theme park is the most important theme of creativity, such as Disney is based on its cartoon characters for the creative theme, Universal Studios is a film for the creative theme. In addition to the creative theme, a theme park design is also very important.