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Mini 5D Cinema Helps Attract Children
Aug 28, 2017

Dancing and basketball games are too big for children. Even if it's a project like the simulation of a motorcycle game, it's obvious that children are reluctant to play on it. There are only a few projects available for children, such as rodents, drums and throwing. And this kind of project is not high enough to play, the children play a few times to be tired of playing.

and mini 5D cinema is a suitable for children to play, to meet children's recreational mentality of the entertainment equipment. A mini 5D theater consisting of LCD screens, dynamic seats and special effects devices, children sitting in cinemas can watch 3D movies, and dynamic seats and special effects equipment, can let children in the roller coaster, racing, aircraft. Now the domestic kindergarten teaching content is more inclined to standardize, the activity repetition is big, has suppressed the child's curiosity and the imagination, by the fairy tale, the future, the science fiction film composed mini 5D cinema, just satisfies the child likes exploring nature.

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