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5D Movie Special Effects And Dynamic Production
Aug 28, 2017

Special effects and the action of the seat, as well as the number of movements, the length of action time, are controlled by the motion movie playback system. Dynamic movie Player uses the action code in the host to control the action of special effects and motion with the motion of the film. These action codes are action programmers, written according to the actions and scenes in the movie. If the roller coaster into the sea scene, the host will control the sprinkler nozzle open a certain degree of opening. The splash sprayed into the audience's face, and the audience thought they were rushing into the sea with the roller coaster. The action programmer will write a water spray action and time code, you can control the sprinkler special effects equipment.

The motion of the dynamic seat is simulated by the Freedom platform under the seat, and the several electric cylinders of the Freedom platform rise and fall, and then simulate the helplessness and tumbling all movements. The action editor will first use the motion collection system and the aerial rocker to collect the motion in the film. Action editors according to these dynamic, write a number of electric cylinders in which time should be in the time axis, you can control the work of the electric cylinder. With special effects equipment, dynamic equipment and control of their action code, the audience can be lifelike, the three-dimensional screen before the appreciation of 5D Dynamic film, and the protagonist of the film with a bumpy pitch.