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Add: Yuhang District of the city of Hangzhou in West Zhejiang province 1818-2 (Chinese AI town) 8-4F room

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Mercenary III


Developers: Chengdu Cool Carbazole Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Game type: Shooting game

Tags: Battle, Shooting, Realism, Athletics

Introduction to the game: New York City Center, with different firearms and teammates work together, and fight your enemy to death! challenge your physical and psychological limits, feeling the real battlefield tension and hot atmosphere.

Taking action in New York City, surrounded by other cities that were destroyed by the war, where mercenaries became the main entity of power, and different groups taking control over different regions, having to resolve their power struggle with deadly gun battles, you get to experience a variety of shooting experiences from long range to close quarter combat, immersing yourself in high-speed offensive and defensive combat action, co-operating with your teammates to destroy as many enemies as possible.

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