Lop Nur Zombies

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Lop Nur Zombies

Developer: Beijing Haqiqi Technology Co., Ltd

Game Type: Horror Shooting

Tags: shooting, horror, zombie

Game Description: you are one of the survivors, residents need to be evacuated to prevent the zombie invasion.

" Lop Nur Zombie " is a first person VR shooter. The game is about a secret agent that is sent to save his companions in a town that was occupied by zombies. There are puzzles  throughout the game. "Lop Nur Zombie " is very simple to get started, but gets progressively more difficult as you go, with bigger and more difficult challenges all the time. With very limited ammo, zombies flanking and attacking you from behind the game is sure to challenge you!

Vedio Link: https://youtu.be/2mih-741q_k