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VR Flying VR Vibrating Simulator Game Machine

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Product Description

1, trendy cool shape, to attract the eye

2, small size, small investment, high rate of return

3, low input return, the device uses a brushless DC motor, without the use of precise positioning of the servo motor, so the cost reduced a lot, but the vibration can simulate a lot of game scenes, the same can get high returns.

4, easy to use, easy to move as long as the players stand up, wear glasses, no need to wear seat belts; other equipment exquisite small, easy to move and move.

5, the vibration effect is good, the equipment uses four springs were triangular distribution, vibration motor platform in the middle, vibration amplitude, soft vibration, people feel comfortable.

6, beautiful design, vibration platform around the chassis designed a beautiful light, up and down the vibration platform with the seamless, people feel fine.

7, the content of all-encompassing, through the integration of various elements of entertainment, allowing users to experience in the virtual world more colorful: virtual roller coaster, virtual flight, virtual driving ... ... endless stimulus content is dizzying surprise again and again.

Product Parameter:

Product Name:Vibration platform VR three generations

Product Type: ZY-VR-1ZL3

Dimensions: 1550 * 1300 * 1270mm

Product weight: 152KG

Rated load: 150KG

Rated power: AC220V 50HZ

Rated voltage: 700W

Working environment: 0 ~ 35 ℃

Immersive Helmets: HD 2K Screen │ 1440X2560 │ 534PPI

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