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Virtual Reality Music Dancing Machine

one of the popular vr game machine in vr game center. Experiencing different combination about music and dancing

Product Description

This product is a specially developed for the music. The player interact with the game through  VR technology by the rhythm when they play it; When the experimenter is right to hit the game notes the head of the green light will flash according to the same rhythm, when the experimenter hit the note wrong when the head of the red light will flash in the blow. The sound quality of this product has a strong sense of shock, coupled with the independent development of the light control panel, so that the product not only offers the players to unique music to enjoy, but also the appearance is unique.

Product parameter:

Product Name: VR arcade dacing machine

Product Type: ZY-VR-1TL

Dimensions: 2114 * 1200 * 2380mm

Product weight: 231KG

Rated power: 0.5KW

Rated voltage: AC220V

Frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz

Working environment: 0 ~ 35 ℃

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