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MR Tomb Legend VR Game Machine Role Simulator

vr arcade vr game center, Famous title to virtual reality

Product Description


① MR hybrid reality technology

Different from the previous VR, the game scene integrate it into the game through a mixed reality, the camera to shoot the green screen in the environment of the player image, so that viewers can see what the experience person of those who exposure to the tomb in the world adventure Happening;

② a variety of senses super immersion.

Set the visual, auditory, touch in one of the new VR experience, you can experience the experience of a more real VR world. Vibration platform, special effects fan, so that experience and game characters can be more "real" interaction, to experience the unprecedented experience of immersion.

③ experience video one key to share

In the process of experience in the process of stealing the legend of the game, the experimenter can experience the wonderful video of their own, and WeChat friends circle friends real-time sharing of interaction, the fun of their own experience with friends happy to share, can also send collection to their mobile phone;

④ high-definition quality breathtaking Tomb

The world's first Tombics theme MR (mixed reality) version of the experience of the game, high-definition video level picture quality, experience in the mysterious ancient ruins in the adventure, decryption, break through, so as to obtain the real film and television plot and exciting adventure integrated real Shadow experience.


Product Name: MR Tomb Legend

Product Type: ZY-MR-1DW

Dimensions: diameter 2500 * high 2800mm

Product weight: 500KG

Rated current: 1A

Rated voltage: AC220V

Frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz

Working environment: -20 ~ 35 ℃

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