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720 Degrees Flight Simulator

720 degrees flying simulator, experiencing the flying in the virtual world

Product Description

The main components of the product include: computer, widescreen HD display, professional simulating flight remote sensing kit, professional motion controller, servo motor, mechanical transmission, flight cabin. The driver controls games through the flight joystick , dynamic control system controls servo motor rotation according to the game within the aircraft attitude through the professional motion controller , the servo motor drives it to the flight cabin through the reducer , flight cabin installed two 360 degree rotation axis, When the game fighter turns forward and backward, the chain drives the flight compartment forward or backward; when the game fighter turns left or turns right, the chain drives the flight cabin to turn left or right. The flight cabin can be turned 360 degrees before and after turning 360, simultaneously simulating various flight pose of the airplane, two 360 rotations so named the 720 degree flight simulator.

Equipment Details:

Rotary bin 1

1 set of HTC virtual reality business headset

Game: 1 ( updating 2~4 games every year )

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