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Development History:

● 2013 – KAT VR Team established

● September – November 2013: Started a close collaboration with VR China and VR Play, China’s two largest VR platforms.

● February, 2015: Participated in the future of Hangzhou – Zhejiang Science and Technology Dream Town and won the “Entrepreneurship Pioneer” award, later becoming one of the first batch of seed enterprises to settle in the “dream town”

● June, 2015: Participated in the TechCrunch China summit with the latest prototype of the KAT WALK, and was featured on TechCrunch China, SINA Technology, Sohu Technology, 36Krypton, LeiFeng Network and many other technology media channels

● July, 2015: KAT WALK Published on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, reaching one third of its goal in 3 hours and the total amount within a month. Featured on over 30 international media outlets such as VRfocus, VR-NERDS, AR TRENDS and othersNovember, 2015: Won the 2015 “China Innovation and Entrepreneurship” award

● November, 2015: CEO Kaye Pang Invited by Tencent to give a Keynote speech at the WeConference about the world’s first non-restrictive VR treadmill.

● December, 2015: Received the Golden Apple award as 2015’s most valuable VR/AR start-up company.

● December, 2015: Listed among the top 100 most valuable innovative start-ups by Leiphone, one of the largest Chinese technology portals.

● January, 2016: Received the Angel Investment from Jiuhe Capital, XingYuan Capital and Golden Fortune capital.

● January, 2016: Won the 2015 “China Most Popular Smart Hardware” award for the KAT WALK.

● April, 2016: Kaye Pang, KAT VR’s CEO awarded the “Top 30 founders” during the ChinaBang award ceremony.

● May, 2016: Invited to participate in the 2016 CES Asia, and was featured on Tencent and TechNode media reports.

● May, 2016: Attended the 2016 YunQi Computing Conferrence summit, CEO Kaye Pang invited to give a speech on the importance of Omni-directional VR treadmills.

● July, 2016: Participated in the KONTACT2016 Exchange meetup and officially launched the KAT SPACE and its commercial package the “KAT PLAY”

● September, 2016: During the G20 summit, Chinese and foreign media focused on the innovation of Zhejiang, and as KATVR had achieved an outstanding success it in the VR industry, it was featured on German and Taiwanese television.

● September, 2016: Classified as “Hangzhou Eagle Plan” business after responding to the “HZ Science and Technology start-up training project (2015-2017).

● October, 2016: CEO Kaye Pang assigned as a committee member in the VR Branch of the China Amusement Park Association

● November, 2016: Won the “Best VR peripheral” award at the 2016 China VR game awards.

● February 9th, 2017:   received 30 million A-round investments from Zhejiang Provincial Financial Holdings and Silicon Valley Paradise.

● March 16, 2017: 87870 and the global mobile game Confederation GMGC jointly hosted the "VR + Industrial Ecology Union Conference" in Beijing, where KATVR won the AR/VR Industry Outstanding Enterprise Award - Best Peripheral Award.

● April 27, 2017: GMIC Beijing 2017 (Global Mobile Internet Conference), CEO Kaye Pang officially released the new KAT WALK.

● May 12, 2017:  KAT Arena debut on the Wuhan Asia VR&AR Fair & Summit.

● July 27th, 2017: Collaboration with Intel, Asus, Photonarena and electronic soul to exhibit in ChinaJoy 2017. Held the PCxVR eSport event with NineD Digiatal Technology as the best VR gaming choice.

● August 5th, 2017: After intensive reviews by experts, successfully selected to enter the Zhejiang Overseas High-Level Talents Innovation Park – Phase 2: China Artificial Intelligence Town.