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1: What is the KAT WALK?

The KAT WALK is KAT VR’s flagship product and the final result of several years of careful research and design. Simply put, it is a VR Omni-directional Treadmill (ODT) that offers a definitive and elegant solution to the challenge of achieving infinite motion on a virtual space without any of the disadvantages found in traditional controller-based locomotion systems. Thanks to its ergonomic design and its highly intuitive mode of interaction, the KAT WALK solves three fundamental problems that have been an obstacle for VR content: motion sickness, space limitations and safety concerns. The KAT WALK offers an innovative answer to these issues and opens unlimited possibilities for the development of new and exciting VR experiences. The KAT WALK is a device that has the potential to change how we interact with the virtual world.   

2: What exactly is a VR ODT and what makes it different from other available VR products?

An ODT (Omni-directional Treadmill) is a device that allows the user to perform locomotive motion in any direction, allowing for 360 degrees of movement. When applied to VR games and other interactive digital content, these devices allow for the creation of a limitless space in which the user can move safely and freely. An ODT isn’t actually a treadmill with a conveyor belt like those you can find in gyms and their mechanics are a little bit complex, but they are easy to use and represent a very clever solution to the space limitations of VR. 

3: What makes the KAT WALK special?

The KAT WALK’s unique design, optimized for freedom of movement, is what makes it stand out among other similar products on the market. First of all KAT VR has developed a state of the art motion tracking algorithm for its sensor system that allows for almost zero delay and therefore lets the user enjoy a very precise motion tracking effect that translates into smooth, reliable movement into the virtual world. Similar devices also have serious design limitations such as rings or other rigid barriers around the waist of the user that can limit the range of movement and also pose serious safety hazards. Other ODTs also suffer from an over-reliance on straps, harnesses and other modes of restraint for the extremities and the torso, while the the KAT WALK only requires a single harness for the waist and lets the arms and legs of the user completely free. The KAT WALK also avoids the problem of cable entanglement through the careful integration of the headset connections into the body of the device. With the KAT WALK you are absolutely free to move in the virtual world while being completely safe.

4: What is the difference between the KAT WALK and the KAT WALK Premium?

Both the KAT WALK and the KAT WALK Premium offer essentially the same immersive VR experience and both of them have the same base technology. The KAT WALK Premium is sturdier than the standard KAT WALK and has a strong protective shell for the support pillar, while the standard KAT WALK is lighter and easier to transport. Although both products are meant to be used commercially, the standard KAT WALK is also directed towards consumers. Both devices have the same content available and a are covered by the same warranty and terms of use.   

5: Are there any health restrictions to using the KAT WALK?

It is recommended that that pregnant women, the elderly, those with visual disorder or a record of mental illness or those once affected by other serious health conditions such as heart diseases refrain from using the device.


Since different people have different constitutions, we advise not to use the product for a long time in case of experiencing any discomfort, such as giddiness, dizziness, headache, etc. If you have any discomfort, please stop using it immediately and stop any high attention demanding activities (such as driving) until the symptoms completely disappear. If the symptoms persist, please do not continue to use it without consulting with your doctor.


If the user has a medical history of epilepsy or photosensitive epilepsy, then it is necessary to consult with a doctor before using VR games or experiences that contain  flashing lights or fast-moving image sequences. 


For more details on health restrictions, please consult the Health Warnings on the KAT WALK User’s Manual.

6: Are there any height/weight/age restrictions as well?

Since the visual system of children under 13 years old has not completely matured, it is recommended that children under this age refrain from using the device. Those who weigh over 100kg are not advised to use the device due to the limited load bearing of the base plate and shoes: both for the safety of the user and to avoid for the equipment to be damaged, it is recommended not to exceed these weight limits. The ideal height range for the device is between 150cm (4’11’’) and 180cm (5’11’’), and the maximum allowed height is 190cm (6’3’’)

7: What is the expected useful life of the product? Is it durable? Can it withstand rough treatment?

Both the KAT WALK and the KAT WALK Premium are very sturdy devices and have been certified to meet international standards of quality and durability. The service life of the devices depends mainly on the frequency and type of use. Although the KAT WALK has a strong steel structure and it is designed for its use in arcades and other settings where it might receive intense and continued use, it still requires to be used in accordance with our safety and maintenance recommendations and treating it roughly is strictly forbidden.

8: What are the power requirements of the KAT WALK and its accompanying accessories?

The power requirements are as follows:


KAT WALK/KAT WALK Premium: 220v

HTC VIVE :100v-240v

KAT STATION Control center: 220v

9: What are the minimum system requirements of the KAT WALK?

At a minimum, you need to have a PC with the following characteristics:


- Genuine Windows 10

- Graphics card: GTX1070 or better

- An i5 4 Core processor

- 8 GB of RAM

- A 250 GB Hard Drive

10: What games are available to play on the KAT WALK?

There are two options for playing games with the KAT WALK:

First: KATVR is working with existing VR game developers to add support for the KAT WALK in their games. This can make playing a compatible game on SteamVR as simple as selecting KAT WALK in the options menu, for example. Our first collaboration is with the Vivecraft VR mod for Minecraft, letting you explore the world of Minecraft with your own feet. We will update our website and social media pages as more games become available – stay tuned for more info!

Second: As part of the KAT PLAY games service, pre-installed on our commercial package, there are 11 games available that we have designed in partnership with local game developers. These games are especially designed for the KAT WALK and will offer you a full experience of what the device has to offer. Some of them also include tutorials and training sequences that let you check the calibration of the device and become used to the control system. Some of our games our free to play, while others charge per time slot:

《Super Hammer》

《Desert Range》

《Lop Nur Zombie》

《The Source of Evil 》

《Blood Strike》

《Bullet Sorrow•part1》

《Radial Force》

《Mercenary 3》


11: Is multiplayer mode available? How many people can play at the same time?

For KAT PLAY games, it is possible to play multiplayer matches through a local network. The maximum number of players is 16 on an 8vs8 match. Games from SteamVR or other sources may be playable online depending on the game and region.

12: Can I play online with my friend who has a KAT WALK but is in another city/country?

For the moment multiplayer gaming with the KAT PLAY installed games is only possible through a local network and therefore it is not possible to play online with someone who is in a different location.  Games from SteamVR or other sources may be playable online depending on the game and region.

13: Can I download any game from Steam VR and play it on the KAT WALK?

You need to have SteamVR installed in the computer you use with your KAT WALK in order to use the HTC VIVE headset, but this doesn’t mean that any game you download with Steam VR is compatible with the KAT WALK.

14: Can I play any VR game I like on the KAT WALK? How about games that are not VR but can be ported?

Although in theory it is possible to port a large number of non-VR games and make them playable with VR headsets and other VR equipment, there aren’t at the moment any non-VR games that are officially compatible with the KAT WALK. We cannot guarantee that the experience of playing these games with our device will be completely satisfactory and free of latency or other technical issues, and therefore we do not endorse the use of non-VR games with the KAT WALK. If you decide to port a non-VR game and use it we the KAT WALK, we cannot be held accountable for any malfunctions or discomfort experienced during your gaming experience.  

15: Can I simply use VorpX or any other similar software to make any game compatible with the KAT WALK?

In theory this is also possible, but we cannot guarantee that your gaming experience will be as immersive or as complete as we designed it to be for our proprietary games or with those games that have been officially made compatible with the KAT WALK.

16: Is the KAT WALK compatible with the Oculus Rift?

In theory it is, but we have designed the device to be used with the HTC VIVE and cannot guarantee its total compatibility with other VR headsets.

17: Is the KAT WALK compatible with PlayStation VR or other consoles?

No, the KAT WALK is compatible with PC only.

18: Do I need to be connected to the internet all the time while playing with my KAT WALK?

Yes, since you need to be connected to Steam VR to use the HTC VIVE Set, then you definitely require an internet connection to be able to use the KAT WALK. For the commercial use of KAT VR’s games and to manage the KAT Coins virtual currency system you also need to be connected to the internet. To learn more about the K Coins virtual currency system, please click here. 

19: What are the terms and conditions of the support/warranty?

Our warranty lasts for 12 months and during this time, in case of any failure or damage to the machine caused by normal use and that doesn’t incur in a violation of the terms of use, the buyer can get full support and any requested replacement parts for the device. The replacement parts themselves are free of charge, although in all cases the shipping expenses of said parts are expected to be assumed by the buyer (or distributor when applicable). After the guarantee has expired, the buyer will be expected to account for both the spare parts and the shipping, but the support service will still be available to them in case of any questions or inquiries. We cannot extend the initial warranty to 24, 36 or up to 60 months as it is the norm in other countries, but we will always offer quick and efficient tech support when needed, within our conditions and possibilities. We can assure you that we will always offer you a professional and reliable service. For more details on the terms of our warranty, you can contact us at 

20: Do you offer training for staff and installation services to the customers?

An alternative to KAT VR sending staff overseas is that a customer’s representative could come to our offices to receive the necessary training, although in this case the costs of transportation and accommodation of their staff are also assumed by the customer. 

21: I would like to develop my own content for the KAT VR technology, do you have an SDK available?

Yes, we do have an SDK and is is available for anyone interested in collaborating with us in the development of new content for the KAT WALK. Usually we go through a formal application process to properly review and discuss the content that is intended to be created for our device, but we are very much willing collaborate with developers and cit is definitely one of our priorities. All your proposals and inquiries concerning content development are welcome at