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Bullet Sorrow


Developer: Chengdu Viking Interactive Technology Co., Ltd.

Game type: Role play

Tags: hurdles, shooting, bullet time, role play

Game Description: In this awesome hardcore VR shooting game, you go through brilliantly designed maps, shooting down enemies, slowing down time, catching bullets mid air and shooting them back at the enemy! How cool is that.

The year is 2030, the mysterious arms company S is raising suspicion, no one knows what their products and who their customers are. You play the role of an employee at S company, you wake up somewhere with no memory and the ability control and slow down time. Fortunately, you are not alone. You receive help from a girl named Nova to break into the enemy’s base. Now your task is simple, breach the S company and get you memory back! Slowly uncovering S company’s secrets along the journey.

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